There are two different kinds of vinyl used.  One is Heat Applied Vinyl which is used for things like apparel and tote bags.  The other is sticker vinyl which is used for things like lettering on a window.

Vinyl printing is generally limited to simple text and designs. A single-color print is preferred, but we can overlay up to 3 different colors of vinyl to produce some different effects.  Vector artwork is required which is produced in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.  If you have another file format we may be able to convert it for you so it can be used.

The art file is sent to a cutting plotter where it is cut out of a sheet of vinyl film.  Once the artwork has been cut, we then take away the unwanted vinyl (the negative areas).  This process is called weeding and can be very time consuming if the design is too intricate or has fine detail. This process is what makes simple designs & lettering preferred when Vinyl is being used.

Once the weeding has been done we are left with the design on its backing paper. If it is heat applied vinyl we will apply it to the garment using a heat press.  If it is sticker vinyl we will cover it with clear transfer tape so the consumer can apply it to any hard surface.

Vinyl comes in many different formats, such as glitter, metallic, fluorescent, flock and reflective colours. Some Vinyl is designed to stretch so is a great option for sports clothing including leggings. Vinyl gives a smooth even finish with crisp edges. 



For this process we convert the artwork into a template using holes cut out by the cutting plotter.  The rhinestones are then spread over the template so they fall into the holes.  We then use sticky transfer paper to pick up the rhinestones so they can be applied to the garment.  Only lettering and simple designs can be done in rhinestones.  Designs can be filled with rhinestones or outlined in rhinestones. Some designs themselves will determine which can be done.  We have some images in our catalog that show the design as a rhinestone simulation.  Other images (including fonts) in our catalog can also be created in rhinestones, but will not show you the rhinestone simulation. A proof with the rhinestone simulation will be sent for approval.



Best care practices ensure the longevity of the image.  Best to hand wash & lay flat to dry.  Machine washing: Wash inside out on gentle setting in cool water.  Machine dry:  light tumble on no to low heat.  For vinyl: remove from dryer immediately to ensure the vinyl does not stick to itself or crease.

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