Embroidery offers a more professional look and is a durable print option.   It is great for catering & outside work industries when the garments need frequent hot laundering.  The professional look is great on polos and button down shirts for face to face customer meetings.  It can also be used on ball caps, fleece jackets, tote bags, blankets & towels.


When using embroidery the image must be a dst file format. If you have had your image embroidered in the past you may have been provided with the dst file which you can upload to us.  If it is a new image or you do not have the dst file the file you send will have to be digitized.  There is a one time fee of $50 for digitizing.  We have a library of fonts & images that are already digitized that are free to use.  The cost for embroidery is determined by the stitch count that is being used.  The stitch count is determined by the size and the amount of infill stiches in the design.


Embroidery is not good to use if there is very fine detail, small fonts or gradients within the design.  The general rule is if you can draw it with a crayon at the size you want it to be on the garment, it can be embroidered.  Most embroidery is done in the left or right chest area on shirts (4" x 4" max).  When doing monograms or personalization fonts are usually maxed out at about 2" in height. Embroidery has weight to it and is best used on heavier garments so the material does not pull or sag.


No special care required.




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